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NeoMetSys offers services for deployment of complex systems and for change management.

CDM Expertise - Our Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) experts are familiar with the evolutions of the CDM project and its implementation in Europe and US. They have been involved in the Airport CDM process in Europe with Eurocontrol on various size of airports. The CDM concept is used for enhancing the cooperation between various actors for better resource and cost management.

Expertise in transition phases, new systems, new procedures or new organization. Our Team provides support for transition management with an adapted communication plan and training programs.

Expertise in simulation Domain. New generation simulation study that provides the possibility to validate future concepts using fast time or real time simulations.

Airport, Airline, Aviation Data Expertise - including data collection, data validation and analysis.

Airport operations Air and Ground - situational awareness assessment for tactical and strategic decision making improvements. Includes evaluation and planning analysis to obtain the most beneficial runway configuration, allocation of resources to departure or arrival operations, and runway assignments for individual flights to achieve optimum runway loading and stand management.