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NeoMetSys offers services to industries and research centers :

  • Lockeed Martin - :
    • Evolution of air traffic flows management systems.
  • Thales Air Systems - :
    • Operational Training, maintenance training, general presentations of Air traffic control system ;
    • Evolution of flight plan function definition - Coflight system in collaboration with France (DSNA) et Italy (ENAV : Societa Nazionale per assistenza al volo -
    • Validation of AIS (Aeronautical Information System) in operational system
  • FAA - (aviation civile américaine) :
    • Evolution on Arrival slots exchange between airlines system
  • Direction de la technique et de l’innovation (DTI) (Centre d’étude de la navigation aérienne française) - :
    • Graphical interface development for a project that aims at measuring the air traffic complexity (CASTOR).
  • EUROCONTROL – (organisation européenne pour la sécurité du trafic aérien) :
    • Participation to working groups on CDM multi actors concept and airport congestion
    • Evaluation of new European sectorisation adapted to the needs and not to national borders. 3D visualisation of the sectorisation
    • Modellisation of airport processus
    • SESAR project, SESAR JU negociation support, meeting organisation, documentation management, processes definition
  • ONERA (centre français de recherche aérospatiale)
    • New generation simulator study, linked to IESTA platform.

NeoMetSys is EUROCAE member since 2005.

NeoMetSys belongs to Nerahida ( network and is partner with Advanced Aviation Sciences in US.