About NeoMetSys

NeoMetSys, created in 2003 from a collaboration between a French and an American company, regroups Air Traffic Management Experts.

The objective of NeoMetSys is to conceive the technology and processes supporting the necessary modernization of Air Traffic Management to accommodate air traffic constant growth, inducing the evolution of traffic volume and complexity.

NeoMetSys offers consulting services for each aspect of Air traffic control area: Airline operations, Air Traffic Control Systems, fast time and real time simulations, route congestion, Air Traffic and sector constraints, Airport databases and data expertise, Airport noise constrains, and surface movement optimization.

Our team proposes consulting services that will ensure the modernization of the Global Airspace System necessary to accommodate the increasing demand.

Our team also organizes maintenance and operational trainings on air traffic control systems that lead to have a double competence: new concepts studies and knowledge of operational situations.